The Dynamic Foundation "TDF" is a veteran owned 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded to facilitate the development of housing, education and job training for the future.

Helping communities create economic opportunities and reduce the impact of poverty requires an intentional focus on housing policy. The lack of strong housing policy can be correlated to a declining tax, limiting a city’s ability to provide public services to all its people; reduced median income as jobs and affordable homes locate elsewhere; negative impact on educational outcomes; and a lack of opportunity for economic mobility and prosperity among residents, especially those living at or below poverty.

   TDF’s objective is to create a consortium engineered to help stabilize the communities we serve; coupled with The Dynamic Foundation’s project ‘Solid Foundation’ to insure the proper generation of revenue to continue serving and the proper system to insure our team’s success.

   Success in our eyes is witnessing each graduate complete our curriculum, start a new chapter of life with improved life skills, a new career and provide guidance for future home ownership. Our foundation brings Housing and Opportunity for the People to stabilize the Economy back to the American dream.

                              “U.S. Veterans answered the call to duty. Now it's our turn to return the favor." 



Our main goal is to improve housing and living conditions considerably, reducing blight and unused land and buildings. Our team has viable plans in place for new construction for housing for Veterans and LMI families.


Increase job-training for the industries that pay higher than minimum wage. 
Improve the accessibility to education opportunities for Veterans and LMI groups in all areas of Dallas/Ft Worth not only in the inner-city populations.


Anyone living in poverty or close to the poverty line (43.6 million people, 1.4 million veterans), knows that an "everyday" life situation that may be manageable for anyone receiving higher income, can be the final factor in losing everything.  Families that can hardly pay their bills fear, a serious illness, hospitalization, broken down vehicle, lack of vehicle insurance/health insurance, or a sick child might be just enough to render them homeless.  

Through project "Solid Foundation" Individuals and Families will be equipped with opportunities to make a significant change in their socioeconomic status.  Project "Solid Foundation" focuses on the stabilization of community economics through empowering individuals and families.  With the right tools and the right guidance, members of our communities can make a difference in our overall economic well-being, and change the future for their children. Brightening their community's future! 


Success in our eyes is witnessing each graduate complete TDF's (36 month) Solid Foundation curriculum. Start a new chapter of life with improved skills, a new career and TDF provided guidance for future home ownership. TDF brings housing and opportunity for the people to stabilize the local economy. #USA